Elementary Mathematics at ‘O’ and Normal Academic (Updated 2013)

Additional Mathematics at ‘O’ and Normal Academic (Updated 2013)

  • M4M provides revision and examination papers in lieu of examinations.

  • Our experienced teachers reinforce the main focus of the Singapore Mathematics curriculum by exposing students to a variety of learning experiences. Abstract mathematical concepts are made easy with hands-on activities and technological aids on curated websites.

  • In our lessons, we use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach which is based on psychologist Jerome Bruner’s 3-stage learning process (enactive, iconic and symbolic).

  • Because all students have different needs, we use differentiated learning and teaching. M4M gauges the student’s aptitude and ability, tailoring our lessons accordingly. For those who show promise and could be challenged further, we accelerate their learning accordingly.

  • We provide small group learning with no more that 9 students in each class. This number may increase only during crucial examination periods.

  • Students are taught individually within classes. While the teacher is interacting with a student, other students will do their assigned work. Teacher-directed lessons are conducted only during the holidays.

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